Our story began in 1966 when Professor Ken Davies, along with fellow Welsh researchers and clinicians, established a new charity based on the principle that “Today’s cancer patients don’t deserve to be treated by yesterday’s techniques”.

This Christmas we are encouraging people to look to the future and to share their #ChristmasStory to give strength to the thousands of people living with cancer and their families.

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By donating today, you can help create life changing cancer research. Your generosity is needed more than ever, to ensure families can make Christmas memories together for years to come.


06 Dec 2021

Sian’s Christmas Story

This Christmas, as I reflect on my cancer journey, I can honestly say that I have a huge sense of gratitude to all those that have been part of my recovery. My family are. . . . .

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03 Dec 2021

Carrie’s Christmas Story

I lost my lovely, fun 59 year old mum Pauline to advanced breast cancer in December, 3 years ago. Sadly for the type of Breast Cancer she had the prognosis was pretty poor from. . . . .

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01 Dec 2021

Researcher Professor Alan Parker’s Christmas Story

I’m Professor Alan Parker, and I’m a researcher at Cancer Research Wales. Like many, I have a Christmas cancer story to tell, having lost my mum to cancer, when she was 50, and I. . . . .

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25 Nov 2021

David’s Christmas Story

Christmas is a time invested with so many meanings and emotions, regardless of your religious beliefs. It’s a time to reflect on what has gone before, and a time to contemplate what is to. . . . .

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