Professor Wen Jiang

Professor Wen G. Jiang, MB, MD, FSB, FRSM, is currently a Professor of Surgery and Tumour Biology at Cardiff University School of Medicine and the Director of Cardiff University-Peking University Cancer Institute. He also acts as the Academic Director for International Relations at Cardiff University and a faculty for Quality control at the University Health Board. His main research interest is on cancer metastasis and angiogenesis, the molecular and cellular basis and therapeutic opportunities. He and his lead team are also interested in molecular profiling in human solid tumours including endocrine related, GI, lung and pancreatic cancers. Professor Jiang and his team have worked with Cancer Research Wales for almost two decades and are currently working on the mechanism(s) and therapeutic development of bone metastasis and brain metastasis. Professor Jiang and his team have collaborated widely with investigators in the UK, US, Europe and the Far East countries including China and Japan.