Dr Steve Hiscox

Dr Steve Hiscox is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Cardiff and has a long-standing interest in cancer invasion and metastasis particularly with regards to understanding how drug response and resistance can impact on cancer spread (metastasis).

Metastasis is the single most important factor that affects the survival of cancer patients. A greater understanding of the cellular and molecular processes underlying metastasis is fundamental in developing better treatments to both prevent and treat metastatic cancers, ultimately improving patient survival. Dr Hiscox’s research team is actively engaged in three multidisciplinary, breast cancer-focused areas of research:

• Exploring the role of non-receptor tyrosine kinases as mediators of drug response and resistance in breast cancer subtypes and understanding their value as therapeutic targets.

• Investigating the complex interplay within the breast tumour microenvironment, exploring how breast cancer cells interact with, and are influenced by, fibroblasts and bone cells and how these interactions can support metastases.

• Identifying molecular determinants of adverse response to endocrine therapies and determining their potential for (i) use as predictive biomarkers for breast cancer patients and (ii) therapeutic exploitation.