Dr Richard Hugtenburg

Dr Richard Hugtenburg began his career in New Zealand, working as a medical physicist, where he studied for a PhD, which focussed on the use of Monte Carlo methods in radiotherapy treatment design.

Richard moved to the UK in 1997, continuing to practice in radiotherapy physics; first at the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Birmingham and then at Singleton Hospital, in Swansea. He is Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics at Swansea University and coordinator of the MSc in Medical Radiation Physics. His current research includes the development of silicon and diamond-based dosimeters needed for the dosimetry of new, high-resolution radiotherapy modalities and Monte Carlo modelling of radiation processes, in particular modelling the therapeutic and carcinogenic effects of radiation on cells. Richard also has an interest in structural analysis of tissue and the use of this data in emergent radiotherapy techniques, including binary therapy, where cancer is targeted more effectively with radiation-activated compounds.