Dr Ned Powell

Dr Ned Powell is a trained microbiologist who undertook a PhD for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, studies which involved the cloning and functional examination of antibiotic biosynthetic genes.

He then pursued a postdoctoral research programme into DNA repair mechanisms before joining the Human Cancer Group at Swansea University in 2003. Uniting his research interests of microbiology and cancer genetics, Ned joined Prof. Alison Fiander’s newly established Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Research Group at Cardiff University in 2005 and has since established several new research themes. These include the investigation of the factors that regulate HPV gene expression (DNA methylation) in cervical cancer, development of new topical therapeutics agents for HPV associated disease, and investigation of the role of HPV in Head and Neck cancers. Ned manages to balance his time between work and family life and is a keen runner, swimmer and kayaker having led expeditions to Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Nepal.