Why It makes a difference

CRW Open Day

I feel it is important to leave a legacy to an organisation like Cancer Research Wales; which is striving to improve the way the awful and frightening disease of cancer is understood and treated. In doing so I am helping to fund local doctors and scientists who are dedicated to this cause.

Ashley Shanahan, Legator


It means so much to me and my family that the charity guarantee that all money raised is spent in Wales. This gift has given me the opportunity to get involved in the fight against cancer; it’s a gift with a feeling of hope, and it’s a gift I had to give.

Mavis Evans, Legator

Cancer Research Wales Conference


The last 40 years has seen the survival rates of people with cancer more than double. Research plays a big part in this achievement. In our quest to reduce the impact of cancer on the people of Wales, and beyond, we support many projects throughout the nation. As with all Cancer Research Wales projects, we are keen to promote the rapid transition of science from the laboratory to the bedside. We are only able to undertake such pioneering cancer research and education because of the wonderful support we receive from the public.

Professor Malcolm Mason, Cancer Research Wales Professor of Clinical Oncology, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Malcolm Mason Cropped