Get a Collection Box


Your loose change can help make a big difference to our pioneering work in Wales, thanks to the Small Change Big Difference Campaign Cancer Research Wales runs.

Instead of your loose change sitting on the mantlepiece or falling between the cushions of your sofa you could put it to good use by putting it in one of our free Small Change Big Difference collection boxes. It couldn’t be easier!

Call us NOW on 029 2031 6976 or e-mail us to request a free Small Change Big Difference collection box and start helping Cancer Research Wales.


We also need volunteers to:

Help in one of our award-winning charity shops

Help raise funds at events in your local community

Sell Cancer Research Wales merchandise to friends and family

 Skydive to raise funds and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. We can help get you started

Take part in an organised trek or bike ride overseas and help rasie funds

Whatever your challenge, the Just Giving website takes the strain out of raising money