Exciting Developments for Cancer Research Wales

14/01/2016 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff. MANDATORY BYLINE - Huw John, Cardiff Cancer Research Wales - 50th e-mail: mail@huwjohn.com Web: www.huwjohn.com

In 2016, Cancer Research Wales is celebrating 50 years of funding world class research in Wales, a tremendous achievement which has only been made possible because of the strength of support that we receive from the people of Wales.

We asked Liz Andrews, Cancer Research Wales’ Charity Director, about the exciting developments taking place within the charity in 2016…

As we know, 2016 is Cancer Research Wales’ 50th Anniversary. What events and activities are taking place during the year?

We have many opportunities to get involved with our 50th Anniversary celebrations, our Fundraising team have events scheduled throughout the year, and we are also excited to hold a series of Science Cafes across Wales.

Our five charity shops have all been updated in the past few months and this summer we have opened Pritchard & Moore, which is our first standalone Bridal boutique in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

CANCER RESEARCH WALES, 26/02/2015In 2016 Cancer Research Wales announced a further £1.6m of funding in addition to ongoing commitments. What else is planned for the future?

We are currently funding over 50 pioneering research projects here in Wales. But we need to do so much more. Presently in Wales, around 50 people are diagnosed with Cancer every day. We want to ensure that in the future we can fund greater research into providing better treatments, diagnosing cancer earlier so more treatment choices are available and wherever possible, we want to look for ways to prevent cancer altogether.

In order to do more in the fight against cancer we need to ensure that the charity is well positioned to continue to grow and take on more challenges, by funding even greater world class research projects here in Wales. With this in mind from 1st October 2016 Cancer Research Wales will become a CIO, which is a charitable incorporated organisation.

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What is a CIO?

The CIO is a corporate structure designed specifically and exclusively for charities. We will continue to have the same charitable purposes and team but within a more suitable legal structure. Cancer Research Wales has sought advice from professional bodies who recommend this change to ensure the charity can continue to grow and fund greater research in the future. We are pleased to confirm that the Charity Commission has already approved the change.Cancer Research Wales-11

How will this development impact supporters and stakeholders?

For many supporters they will not notice any changes, although for those with a keen eye, you may notice that from 1st October 2016, our new registration number, 1167290 will be used by the charity and displayed on our website, literature and within our shops.

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How can I find out more information about Cancer Research Wales, including the incorporation?

At Cancer Research Wales we pride ourselves on our levels of transparency and always welcome questions on our work. In addition, further details can be found on the Cancer Research Wales website, within our annual reports and on the Charity Commission’s website.

Cancer Research Wales, Registered Charity Number 248767

Cancer Research Wales, Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation Number 1167290


So another busy year for Cancer Research Wales! If people or organisations want to get involved with the charity through volunteering, learning more about our research or taking part in a fundraising event, what should they do?

We have many ways to get involved and support Cancer Research Wales; our team always welcome support and will be more than happy to chat to you.

Our supporters are central to Cancer Research Wales; they allow us to fund great research that can change lives for the better. They are a group of extraordinary people, who give their time, effort and hard earned money to the charity. I thank them all for making Cancer Research Wales such a special charity.